Ways to save your money

Instead of letting all the water disappear down the plug hole after a bath, have a bucket handy and decant some bath water to use to flush the toilet – instantly reducing water usage.

Get to know your neighbours and share your skills and resources. You might find that your old newspapers are invaluable to them for their crafts for example, and they may have something they can give you in return that would otherwise go to waste.

When buying on eBay, look out for item listings finishing at obscure times, e.g. 10am and 2pm. These are usually good times to pick up a bargain as there are fewer people around at the listing end time to place further bids should a bidding Logbook loans war start-up.

Don’t throw away fruit just because it’s getting over ripe. Bananas make great chutney or you can freeze them then blend them into a healthy smoothie. Squeeze out the juice from citrus fruits and freeze in an ice cube tray for when you have a recipe which requires this, or add to drinks in summer as a flavoured ice cube. Pineapple freezes nicely, dice and freeze, then you can use this straight from the freezer to make a sorbet by blending together with vanilla essence.

Use a Terramundi Pot – a money savings pot where the only way to access your money is to smash the pot. Feed the pot with your first coin and then continue to feed until the pot is full, then you can treat yourself to http://www.logbook-lending.co.uk something nice and you’re not tempted to dip in before the collection has built up.

Always put an empty water bottle in your hand luggage when you’re packing, as you can get water free at the airport that means you can have a drink on the plane for no cost.

If you’re getting married or want a memento from a party you’re throwing, whether it’s a birthday or christening, try contacting local colleges that run wedding photography courses where students are coming to the end of the course. Ask any students wish to do your photos for free so that they can use the photos to build their portfolio. They’ll often do this in return for a party invite and good food. 

Make a phone speaker out of a simple toilet roll by placing a slit in the top and popping your phone inside. Decorate and you have a quick and easy speaker – no batteries or electricity required.

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